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Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care. Jerry Cantrell

As I started to put the finishing touches on an entry I was planning on posting this morning, I just couldn’t focus. My mind kept going back to the horrific news that has all of us – as parents, as grandparents, as aunts and uncles, and as brothers and sisters – being overwhelmed by heartbreak.  Heartbreak caused by the news that 26 adults and children being shot in an elementary school and most heart wrenching, 20 children dying in  classrooms where they were warmly and tenderly embraced and taught by a loving and dedicated teacher. A place where their safety was never questioned. As a teacher I’m feeling especially vulnerable in a way I have not felt in a long time. As a parent I understand what it is like to leave a child in the care of a teacher each day. Although my children are grown and in one case also a parent, I still remember the times I felt uneasy but mostly, extremely comfortable saying good-by to my children each day as I dropped them off at school.  

I hope all of you know that I and all the teachers here at Hanna take our jobs very seriously. Besides making sure your children have the best, most joyous early educational experience possible, we also understand and appreciate the trust that you have in us to care for your children and keep them safe. I don’t have words for what I am feeling right now concerning that trust. Because I am sure that the teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School also had the same appreciation for the trust the parents had for them but never suspected that trust would be tested in such a way. My heart and prayers go out to each and every child and adult affected by this tragedy. As a teacher, I thank each and every parent, everywhere for allowing us to care and spend each miraculous day with your child. I do not take this for granted. Each moment is cherished. Thank you.