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The Carrot Harvest

Image  Several teachers have been asking me, “What happened to the carrots?” It is very obvious that “something” ate our beautiful crop. But this story has a happy ending! No evil squirrels invaded the garden, this time! This story started way back in March when the children planted carrot seeds in one of our raised beds.  For several weeks leading up to the end of the school year, we had carefully been inspecting the progress of our carrots. We watched as the tiny sprouts slowly grew into big, fluffy, fluttery green frills! Along with watching the carrots growth, we read and reread the classic story, The Carrot Seed by Ruth Kruass. Finally, during the second week of Camp Hanna, it was discovered that the carrots were big enough for two bites! Pretty soon, the word got around and a dozen children were picking and eating the  crunchy harvest! The children shared the pretty little tops with Princess, our pet rabbit!