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Welcome to the Garden Classroom!

After being on vacation for several weeks and in spite of luxurious alarm-free mornings and wonderful carefree hours spent reading, gardening, walking and napping my thoughts have wandered back to our little enchanted Garden Classroom and the children that fill it with such exuberance and joy. I’m starting to plan (in my mind at least) new activities for the coming year and ask myself what new twists can we put on favorite activities from the past year. I’m also wondering what summer experiences the children will be wanting to share when returning to school and how those experiences can be extended, enhanced and used to keep summer with us as long as possible!
One thing for sure, after returning to school, we will continue to enjoy our beautiful, sunshiny weather and will take full advantage of it in the Garden Classroom!
As a way to bridge the end of summer and the start of a new school year, I will be providing a glass jar where children can place a small memento that they can use to share their summer adventures. The item needs to be small enough to fit through the opening of a canning jar (2 1/8 inches.) Please attach information concerning the origin and ownership of the item. The information could be written on the back of a small photo. We will all enjoy sharing each other’s memories!
I am really looking forward to greeting the children on Tuesday and Wednesday and welcoming all of you to our Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 5th. The Garden Classroom and Art Cottage will be open for you to explore!
With Joy and Excitement!