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Another Artist is Inspired by the Yellow Book

After the first successful use of The Game of Mix-Up Art (otherwise known as our yellow book/design book) I was excited to see what would happen with the group of 5 Day children who invariably come to visit the Outdoor Atelier each day to paint at the easel. Would any of them be inspired by the designs in our yellow book as they worked at the easel? Or could their attention be drawn to the nearby round table where a variety of drawing and coloring materials were gathered in a tray?

As you can see by the first picture I posted in my previous entry featuring the yellow book, one gifted artist was inspired by the book and created a vivid drawing using large blocks of colors and a squiggly line drawn through it.

After finishing up her drawing, the artist created another piece at the easel. Looking at this composition, I can see where the artist experimented with a variety of brush strokes to get a sumptuous riot of complementary color and line- both thick and thin. I believe the results to be extremely pleasing. Don’t you think?

Image  I  felt honored to have witnessed such fine artistry, and pleased that my purchase inspired our young artists.

Before leaving, I need to share with you my latest purchase, a book I was led to while pursuing the name of the “yellow book.”  My discovery, What Colour is your World? by Bob Gill is a reissue of a book printed over 40 years ago by the same publishing house as The Game of Mix-Up Art. I have to admit, it’s a lot like, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: if you go to Amazon to research one book – you will buy another.

With Joy! Francie


New Pets in the Garden Classroom


We have spent the last 5 weeks contemplating what kind of pet we should get for the Garden Classroom. We had the empty tank to look at for inspiration and books to ponder featuring possible pets such as reptiles, amphibians, snails, and even dogs and cats. There are many things to consider when making such a decision: such as size, temperament, and food source. Several friends really felt an appropriate pet would be a crocodile. Really?!! Just for comparison, a plastic lizard was placed in the tank. Hmm? How long would a crocodile stay that size? After writing down the children’s suggestions for the last few weeks, a graph was created featuring the different possibilities. One child added “CTA” (for cat) and dinosaurs weren’t included since they are officially extinct although they were suggested!  A “meeting” was called and about 10 children gathered in the Art Cottage to tally up the votes. Frogs were the clear winner! Hooray! I’m not a huge fan of snakes, spiders are best kept in the garden and I am quite done with snails for the time being. Then there was that “crocodile” situation. Two boys were clearly disappointed that they weren’t going to be seeing any crocs in the Garden Classroom. They were reminded by me AND several other children that, “Crocodiles bite!” Fortunately, our three new fire-bellied toads are VERY cute and interesting. The croc fans were won over!  Image

A “pretend frog” says hello to the “real frog.”

The Carrot Harvest

Image  Several teachers have been asking me, “What happened to the carrots?” It is very obvious that “something” ate our beautiful crop. But this story has a happy ending! No evil squirrels invaded the garden, this time! This story started way back in March when the children planted carrot seeds in one of our raised beds.  For several weeks leading up to the end of the school year, we had carefully been inspecting the progress of our carrots. We watched as the tiny sprouts slowly grew into big, fluffy, fluttery green frills! Along with watching the carrots growth, we read and reread the classic story, The Carrot Seed by Ruth Kruass. Finally, during the second week of Camp Hanna, it was discovered that the carrots were big enough for two bites! Pretty soon, the word got around and a dozen children were picking and eating the  crunchy harvest! The children shared the pretty little tops with Princess, our pet rabbit!