A High Flying Adventure!

“I loved the idea of seeing the world through a boy’s eyes.”

Martin Scorsese

 Although I don’t have a lot of commercially made products intended to be used in early childhood classrooms in the Garden Classroom (I tend to shop thrift shops, rummage sales and dumpsters) I did purchase a set of goggles for the Science Lab that promotes a lot of creative and imaginative play.


Children will put them on while experimenting with color or making potions. I’ve seen them being used as a prop for superhero play. On Thursday of this week, G put on a pair and his imagination went into high gear! He asked us, “Do you have any skydiving gear?” After asking him, what kind of gear did he need? G answered, “Helmets and parachutes.”


Thanks to teacher Marta, Hanna has a good stock of accessories for dramatic play. As teacher Lisa went into the storage shed, I suggested that she look in the “race car” bin. Sure enough, this box contained the perfect helmets needed by skydivers.  G and his buddy W were quick to adapt flags and safety vests (used by construction workers) also found in the bin, as skydiving apparel. G grabbed a superhero cape found elsewhere in the Garden Classroom for good measure!



 I wish I had caught their language as they launched themselves off the slide, but I was so enamored with their high sense of adventure and focusing my camera on trying to catch their leaps “mid-air” I missed the comments.









They were only able to do a couple of leaps before going into lunch; I wasn’t able to check in with Lisa to see if she heard what they were saying. The pictures alone will have to do! I hope you enjoy their high-flying adventure as much as I did. (On Monday, the adventures will continue, I’m sure!) 

With Joy! 



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