A Field Trip


As much as I love spending each and every day in The Garden Classroom, I had an opportunity to visit one of our local treasures and couldn’t pass it up!


Home  by Turkish sculptor  Ali Acerol (1930-2007)

Before I tell you about my outing, I want to share with you that I did a little internet hunt to try to figure out what the word “Encinitas” means but with no clear cut results. My own description of Encinitas (coming from this southlander from San Diego) is AMAZING! Since I not only visited the Lux Art Institute with The Surfing Seals (Room 4) located in Encinitas, I also visited San Diego Botanical Gardens this week ALSO located in Encinitas! Each of these places is a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with nature and art. They are simply MAGICAL!


Horse donated by the Del Mar Foundation, painted by the kids at Summer Art Camp 2008

On Wednesday morning I joined the children and teachers from Room 4 and had my first experience visiting the Lux Art Institute off on Encinitas Blvd. I joined The Surfing Seals for a morning of exploring the beautiful outdoor art installations found on a lovely meandering pathway and inside the museum to meet the current artist-in-residence Carlos Vega.


Mother Maple by Robert Lobe was created from 1987-1988

There was a culminating experience where each child created a piece of art reminiscent of Vega’s work involving engraving on metal.
IMG_7839IMG_7846 (2)

This is PERFECT opportunity to introduce children to the museum experience. Although children (Or anyone for that matter!) couldn’t touch Vega’s art,  Carlos  explained why and answered the children’s questions or responded to their comments in a complete and charming manner.


Birdhouse II by Joan Bankemper

Outside on the pathway, each piece is responsive to a child’s senses and they could easily relate to the object’s beauty or whimsy. While there is a small fee to view and visit with the artist inside the museum (Well worth the experience!) the nature-sculpture path is free. (We were not able to take photos of Vega’s art – you will just have to go visit him at the Lux and see his art for yourself!)


One of the beautiful  specimens seen at San Diego Botanical Gardens

On Friday, Sarah treated all of the teachers at Hanna Fenichel to a “mini retreat” at the San Diego Botanical Gardens (Formally Quail Gardens) for an hour of relaxation and inspiration amongst the beautiful flora and lovely art. I have visited the gardens several times in the past was still amazed at new displays and even lusher surroundings.


One of the wonderful sculptures seen at San Diego Botanical Gardens

New for me, was the Hamilton Children’s Garden. An earlier visit inspired some of the features in The Garden Classroom such as our fountain.
Both the Lux Art Institute and San Diego Botanical Gardens are located just minutes from Hanna Fenichel and offer wonderful outings and rich experiences. I plan on taking advantage of the close vicinity to both and give myself a mini retreat on a regular basis!



4 thoughts on “A Field Trip

  1. I have never been to either place, and not they have moved up on my List! I am guessing Encinitas comes from the Spanish word encina, meaning live oak, plus the diminutive ending “itas”. Do they have a lot of small oak trees there???

  2. Great entry! I love the SDBG & LUX! What a wonderful way to ‘treat’ the staff! Kudos to Sarah and Francie! Thanks for your constant inspiration!

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