Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by. Carl Sandburg

After few hectic days preparing for the holidays, I have started to unwind and appreciate the changing weather and enjoy a slower pace. The cool rainy days that refresh our dry, brown hills and start a regimen of greening also serves as a reminder that we all need to renew ourselves and be aware of new opportunities for reflection and appreciation of all that we have.

As I have gathered with friends and family over the last few weeks and shared with them stories about the lovely relationships that I experience with the children and their wonderful discoveries while exploring The Garden Classroom, I relish the feeling of how unique and precious my life is right now.

As I reflect on the beautiful smiles (and sometimes a mischievous grin) captured in the pictures that I take, I experience a tug at my heart and I’m reminded to cherish every moment while these children are in my life. Just like a beautiful sunset, the moments are brief and needs to be noted and cherished.

Happy New Year!

PS I am still trying to understand the workings of Windows 8 and figure out how to access Microsoft picture manager so I can download pictures into my WordPress account. If I can’t solve this problem in the next day or so, I will crack open my old computer and bring you up to date on what the children are doing in The Garden Classroom.


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