Tomato Tales



The anticipation grew to be too much! The longer the red, round globe pulled at the slender green stalk, sending out a clear, loud message, “Pick me!” eager little hands itched to snatch it off the vine. And one did! While children from other classes had been more observant and patient (Hence, why we were waiting for these young gardeners to return to do the picking.) when it was picked, a quick decision was made and plastic knives and a cutting board were gathered for a tasting party! Several children in the 3 Day afternoon class gathered together to cut and taste the tomato. The review on this harvest: a unanimous delicious!  After taking turns slicing off bites, each of the children eagerly ate the perfect, red, vine ripened tomato.



Okay, what to do about the other classes? Some of those children had really been eyeing that tomato! That’s a problem when you only have “a tomato” growing on a vine. Kendra was very kind and went shopping for two perfect, red, ripe tomatoes. While not a trick, I set one of the tomatoes for the 5 Day Class next to the very bare tomato plant. Sure enough, it was quickly spotted by one of the curious 5 Day children who had been watching it slowly ripen. I explained what happened, but our eager, young connoisseurs of red, ripe tomatoes were not sad or disappointed, they were just happy and eager to have their own tomato party. Plastic knives and a cutting board were already gathered so we quickly joined together to cut open this fruit –if not grown in our own garden – it also had grown from a plant from the ground. Their verdict? Not everybody was a fan. Although eager to cut it open, only a few were willing to taste it. But the lesson was still obvious, tomatoes grow on a plant and then (some) people eat them.




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