Creativity, Curiosity and Innovation Explodes in The Garden Classroom! (Part 3)





Here are the last  of my observations that took place int The Garden Classroom last week that I just had to share! 

During Camp Hanna, Sarah brought in a tomato plant for the garden. It was planted and lo and behold, we returned to school to discover a tomato growing! Two of our 5 Day boys discovered this lovely green tomato and they were very eager to pick it. Lisa helped the boys determine that the tomato was not ready to be picked by using the small plant marker to compare the color of the tomato on the vine with the red, ripe tomato pictured on the marker. The boys backed away from the plant. One of the things that gardening teaches us is to be patient, so I was pleased to see their willingness to wait.  I am wondering…will they be just as excited to eat the tomato as they will to pick it?

ImageSometimes, we the teachers are stunned by what a child says, does or observes. These final two observations fall under that category. I was entranced as I observed this young child from the Transition Class as he made a discovery.  I was very fortunate to see him as he sat inside the tunnel and traced the seam that connected the two parts around and around with his finger. He was calm, focused and present. I learned a lesson from this young man.

Image       Kendra and I were standing near a young learner from Transition while she rinsed her hands in a tub of water after experimenting with clay. As she finished up this task, she continued to watch the water. After a moment she looked up at us and said, “I see trees.” Kendra and I looked down and sure enough, there was a reflection of the overhanging trees in the murky water. We were delighted that she was so observant.  Another child came over and swished the water around and the reflection disappeared! We all watched as the water once again became calm and the trees appeared once again- like magic. This was a discovery that deserves more exploration.What other reflections can we find? What are the children’s hypothesis concerning what a reflection is and how it is made? Lots of good stuff here to explore and inspire some wonderful creative thinking!

Image        Whew! Now that I am caught up with reporting last week’s exciting events, I am already starting to rub my hands together with anticipation and trying to decide where I will start when sharing with you about this week’s discoveries and adventures. With Joy! Francie


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