Creativity, Curiosity and Innovation Explodes in The Garden Classroom! (Part 2)

 Here are some more examples of the children’s creativity that I was able to document  as they worked and played in the Garden Classroom last week. Image These 5 Day boys continue to refine their ability to balance the building materials in new and interesting ways as they did last year. They are talking more to each other and showing a great deal more respect for each other’s ideas. I am so privileged to witness such growth and development! The (plastic) reptiles are enjoying a very comfortable and cozy shelter made for them by these master builders.



Image   After a child in the 3 Day classroom discovered a small piece of wood on the ground she brought it to me and declared that it was a “sea otter.” She told me she needed to paint it. After providing her with some acrylic paints, other children discovered their own pieces of wood or in some cases, some eucalyptus bark they discovered in the Art Cottage, Soon, a whole menagerie appeared, mostly identified as sea otters but one was a “sea otter monster.”  and another a “rainbow polar bear.” After painting. the creatures, the children glued and painted seed pods for eyes. The original sea otter grew a “mustache!” You can see the  sea otter with mustache in the center of the picture.  

There’s more! Watch for part 3!



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