Creativity, Curiosity and Innovation Explodes in The Garden Classroom! (Part One)

The Garden Classroom was very busy last week! The children have become very comfortable and confident as they explored and made many new discoveries. The Art Cottage was filled with artists and other creative and inquisitive minds. Some children have returned to favorite themes of play (The Pirates are back!)  and materials.  They are using more complex language, interesting props, greater collaboration, and problem solving to deepen their play.  Others are leading ME on new investigations and projects. Here are some of the new discoveries, innovations and projects that took place in The Garden Classroom this week. (Note: I experienced a technique difficulty last night while trying to post a rather long entry, I’m trying to see if I can resend it in smaller doses.I will be posting the rest of this entry later this afternoon.)

As mentioned above, The Pirates are back and armed with richer vocabulary, more intriguing and complex plans and the band has increased in size! I’m not sure why, but all of the pirates require clipboards. I quickly went on my own treasure hunt and scrounged up several from other classrooms and the shed.  Each clipboard has a pen tied to it and is ready and available for any pirate (Or scientist, artist and author.)  Now our “executive” pirates are ready to “make lists” (as one pirate told me) and treasure maps or whatever. Aaaargh!


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