New Pets in the Garden Classroom


We have spent the last 5 weeks contemplating what kind of pet we should get for the Garden Classroom. We had the empty tank to look at for inspiration and books to ponder featuring possible pets such as reptiles, amphibians, snails, and even dogs and cats. There are many things to consider when making such a decision: such as size, temperament, and food source. Several friends really felt an appropriate pet would be a crocodile. Really?!! Just for comparison, a plastic lizard was placed in the tank. Hmm? How long would a crocodile stay that size? After writing down the children’s suggestions for the last few weeks, a graph was created featuring the different possibilities. One child added “CTA” (for cat) and dinosaurs weren’t included since they are officially extinct although they were suggested!  A “meeting” was called and about 10 children gathered in the Art Cottage to tally up the votes. Frogs were the clear winner! Hooray! I’m not a huge fan of snakes, spiders are best kept in the garden and I am quite done with snails for the time being. Then there was that “crocodile” situation. Two boys were clearly disappointed that they weren’t going to be seeing any crocs in the Garden Classroom. They were reminded by me AND several other children that, “Crocodiles bite!” Fortunately, our three new fire-bellied toads are VERY cute and interesting. The croc fans were won over!  Image

A “pretend frog” says hello to the “real frog.”


One thought on “New Pets in the Garden Classroom

  1. Beautiful blog Francie! We are very much enjoying the new toads, though we lost some crickets when H excitedly dropped their container and they eagerly escaped though a crack that I’ve since taped. W has wanted to keep them outside but we brought them in for the night, and both boys said good night and gave them a mist. So much love! See you next weekend!

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