A New Adventure!

 I am very excited to be posting the first (I hope of many) news report and reflection of what the children of Hanna Fenichel are engaged with while exploring in the Garden Classroom and Art Cottage in this new format. For any of you who know me well; know this is very daunting for me! I am a technophobe and am only taking these first baby steps into the blogging world because of the encouragement from several co-teachers, especially Julie and Lisa and from our own beloved blogger extraordinaire, Kathy Strahs. Thank you!

One thing I want to make very clear, I will be posting the happenings and activities of Hanna Fenichel children using only general terms and not publishing names or posting pictures of children’s faces. I will still be focusing on the work being done by small groups of children and sharing the investigations by email!

It has been a real pleasure welcoming new and returning students to the Garden Classroom! Our mornings have been filled with many new discoveries as the children have explored the ordinary and extraordinary features of our unique and beloved upper playground that we call, The Garden Classroom.

The first week of Camp Hanna, we discovered an unusual visitor to the classroom, (what I believe was) a huge orb-weaving spider! This is a non-toxic spider commonly found in gardens. After capturing it in a peanut butter jar, we were able to view (the approximately) 1 inch spider closely using my “Dino-Lite” digital microscope. Several children were able to take pictures using the camera feature of the program. Some children drew pictures of the interesting creature. Others compared our collection of plastic insects with the spider which led to a discussion of the difference between spiders and insects.  This was a wonderful opportunity for children to count and compare. Which animal had more legs? Which animal had less? Which animal had more eyes? Which animal had less? How many body parts does a spider have? How about an insect? After viewing the spider, I took it home and let it go in my front yard.  That very night it spun a web that caught my husband right in the face as he left for work the next morning!



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